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  • Escape from Violence Conflict and the Refugee Crisis in the Developing WorldEscape from Violence : Conflict and the Refugee Crisis in the Developing World
    Aristide R. Zolberg University-in-Exile Professor of Political Science New School for Social Research, Astri Suhrke Professor of International Relations The American University, Sergio Aguayo Professor of International Studies El Colegio de Mexico

    The magnitude of refugees movements in the Third World, widely perceived as an unprecedented crisis, has generated widespread concern in the West.

  • Law s ViolenceLaw’s Violence
    Austin Sarat

    Each essay in this volume considers the question of how violence done by and in the name of the law differs from illegal or extralegal violence–or, indeed, if they differ at all.

  • See Jane HitSee Jane Hit
    James Garbarino

    Attributes the rise of violent behavior among girls to female equality and an increased participation in sports, trends which encourage physical expression but often fail to teach appropriate management of violent feelings.

  • War in Social ThoughtWar in Social Thought
    Hans Joas, Wolfgang Knöbl

    This book, the first of its kind, provides a sweeping critical history of social theories about war and peace from Hobbes to the present.

  • Genocide in the Age of the Nation StateGenocide in the Age of the Nation State
    Mark Levene

    Considering the phenomenon within the broad context of world historical developments, this study of genocide looks at the rise of the practice in the west, in both its modern and early modern domestic and colonial settings.

  • Never Meant to SurviveNever Meant to Survive
    Joao H. Costa Vargas

    Never Meant to Survive present a historical, political, and social assessment of anti-Black genocide and liberatory struggles that arose to resist it.

  • Psychological Aspects of Crisis Negotiation Second EditionPsychological Aspects of Crisis Negotiation, Second Edition
    Thomas Strentz

    Steeped in sage advice from a national expert, this volume arms those tasked with confronting dangerous offenders with the knowledge and tools they need to subvert disaster and ensure the preservation of human life. *Articles were reviewed …

  • Nonviolence to Animals Earth and Self in Asian TraditionsNonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions
    Christopher Key Chapple

    This book probes the origins of the practice of nonviolence in early India and traces its path within the Jaina, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions, including its impact on East Asian Cultures.

  • Cultures Under SiegeCultures Under Siege
    Antonius C. G. M. Robben, Marcelo Su’arez-Orozco

    This book is a groundbreaking collection of essays by anthropologists, psychologists and psychoanalysts, drawing on field research in many different parts of the world.

  • From Warism to PacifismFrom Warism to Pacifism
    Duane Cady

    Illuminating the moral views on violence, from the moral restraint of the just-war tradition through pragmatic nonviolence to principled variations of pacifism.

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