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  • Compendium of Land Use Laws for Sustainable DevelopmentCompendium of Land Use Laws for Sustainable Development
    John R. Nolon

    This 2006 volume is a collection of land use laws that attempt to achieve sustainable development.

  • Privatizing WaterPrivatizing Water
    Karen Bakker

    In Privatizing Water, Karen Bakker focuses on three questions: Why did privatization emerge as a preferred alternative for managing urban water supply?

  • Determining the Economic Value of WaterDetermining the Economic Value of Water
    Robert A. Young

    First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Aspects of Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing in the Southern OceanAspects of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing in the Southern Ocean
    Rachel Baird

    Overfishing threatens the viability of high seas living resources.

  • Exploitation of Natural Resources in the 21st CenturyExploitation of Natural Resources in the 21st Century
    M. Fitzmaurice, Milena Szuniewicz

    This volume examines these important issues and adapts a practical approach. It outlines the programme of sustainable development in concrete fields of economic and environmental cooperation.

  • Natural Resources and Violent ConflictNatural Resources and Violent Conflict
    Ian Bannon, Paul Collier

    'Natural Resources and Violent Conflict' first explains the links between resource dependence conflict and then considers what can be done to help reduce the risk of civil war in these nations.In this collection of previously unpublished …

  • Finders KeepersFinders Keepers?
    Terence Daintith

    This 'finders keepers' principle has been excoriated by foreign critics as a 'law of the jungle' and identified by American commentators as the root cause of the enormous waste of oil and gas resulting from US production methods in the …

  • Collaborative Environmental ManagementCollaborative Environmental Management
    Tomas M. Koontz

    The goal of this work is to analyze data from a variety of cases to explain how the different roles government plays in collaborative environmental management lead to different processes and outcomes.

  • Sustainability UnpackedSustainability Unpacked
    Kristiina Vogt, Toral Patel-Weynand, Maura Shelton, Daniel J Vogt, John C. Gordon, Cal Mukumoto, Asep. S. Suntana, Patricia A. Roads

    This ground-breaking book examines and decodes these elements, exploring how a range of countries make decisions regarding their energy and bio-resource consumption and procurement.

  • Liability for Damage to Public Natural Resources Standing Damage and Damage AssessmentLiability for Damage to Public Natural Resources:Standing, Damage and Damage Assessment
    Edward Brans

    This book focuses on liability for damage to those natural resources that are of interest to the public and are protected by national, European or international law.

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