February 9

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  • The Friendship FactorThe Friendship Factor
    Alan Loy McGinnis

    In the newly revised edition of The Friendship Factor, McGinnis reveals that at the heart of each relationship is the essential ingredient of warmth and caring-the friendship factor.

  • The Ex Boyfriend CookbookThe Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook
    Thisbe Nissen, Erin Ergenbright

    Every time we tell someone about this book we get puzzled grins, raised eyebrows, and hilarious guesses as to what on earth The Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook might possibly be.

  • Making FriendsMaking Friends
    Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer

    Making Friends focuses on the typical experiences and transitions of pre-adolescent friendship, and offers advice on how a parent's role should adapt accordingly.

  • Truth BeautyTruth & Beauty
    Ann Patchett

    The author describes her twenty-year friendship with Lucy Grealy, tracing their introduction at a writer's workshop, the integral part their friendship played in their writing careers, and her witness to Grealy's medical deterioration.

  • Fairy Wishes for FriendsFairy Wishes for Friends
    Becky Kelly

    In Fairy Wishes for Friends, artist Becky Kelly illustrates how friends are magical.

  • Waiting to ExhaleWaiting to Exhale
    Terry McMillan

    From the critically acclaimed author of A Day Late and a Dollar Short and The Interruption of Everything, a wise, earthy story of a friendship between four African American women who lean on each other while "waiting to exhale": waiting for …

  • ComradesComrades
    Stephen E. Ambrose

    Acclaimed historian Stephen Ambrose begins his examination with a glance inward — he starts this book with his brothers, his first and forever friends, and the shared experiences that join them for a lifetime, overcoming distance and …

  • She MattersShe Matters
    Susanna Sonnenberg

    This electric book is testimony to the emotional significance of the intense bonds between women, whether shattered, shaky, or unbreakable.

  • Born in the Big RainsBorn in the Big Rains
    Fadumo Korn, Sabine Eichhorst

    Born a nomad, freely roaming the Somalian steppes, Fadumo Korn nearly dies from the effects of female genital mutilation (FGM).

  • Friendship and Love Ethics and PoliticsFriendship and Love, Ethics and Politics
    Eva Österberg

    For friendship, love and sexuality, it touches upon changes in the distinctions between private and public, in subject-formation and legal practices, as well as the varying cultural, existential and ethical importance of close relations in …

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