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  • C Corso completo di programmazioneC. Corso completo di programmazione
    Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel

  • Oracle Database 11g PL SQL Programming WorkbookOracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming Workbook
    Michael McLaughlin, John Harper

    Ramp Up Your PL/SQL Programming Skills Master PL/SQL through the hands-on exercises, extensive examples, and real-world projects inside this Oracle Press guide.

  • The Windows Serial Port Programming HandbookThe Windows Serial Port Programming Handbook
    Ying Bai

    The seven languages discussed are: ANSI C Visual C++ Visual Basic LabVIEW MATLAB Smalltalk Java Step by step and line by line, the Handbook clearly explains the interfacing techniques used for each different language in the serial port …

  • Essential GWTEssential GWT
    Federico Kereki

    Essential GWT shows how to use this latest version of GWT to create production solutions that combine superior style, performance, and interactivity with exceptional quality and maintainability.

  • Programming WCF ServicesProgramming WCF Services
    Juval Lowy

    Not only will this book make you a WCF expert, it will make you a better software engineer. It's the Rosetta Stone of WCF.

  • Professional UML Using Visual Studio NetProfessional UML Using Visual Studio .Net
    Andrew Filev, Tony Loton, Kevin McNeish, Ben Schoellmann, John Slater, Chaur G. Wu

    What is this book about? If you want to use Visio to create enterprise software, this is the book for you. The integration of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect and Visio for Enterprise Architects provides a formidable tool.

  • Learning Flash CS4 ProfessionalLearning Flash CS4 Professional
    Rich Shupe

    This book will help you: Understand Flash fundamentals with clear, concise information you can use right away Learn key concepts and techniques in every chapter, with annotated screenshots and illustrations Develop an ongoing project that …

  • Manuale pratico di PostgreSQLManuale pratico di PostgreSQL
    John C. Worsley, Joshua D. Drake

  • Head First JavaHead First Java
    Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates

    An interactive guide to the fundamentals of the Java programming language utilizes icons, cartoons, and numerous other visual aids to introduce the features and functions of Java and to teach the principles of designing and writing Java …

  • Violent PythonViolent Python
    TJ O’Connor

    This book demonstrates how to write Python scripts to automate large-scale network attacks, extract metadata, and investigate forensic artifacts.

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