April 29

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  • Economic Valuation of River SystemsEconomic Valuation of River Systems
    Fredrick J. Hitzhusen

    'It is rare to find a book that attempts to integrate physical, biological and social sciences (economics) to address environmental problems, but this book does a great job of it.

  • Green EconomicsGreen Economics
    Molly Scott Cato

    This highly readable text provides an introduction to green economics including views on taxation, welfare, money, economic development and employment through the work of its inspirational figures including Schumacher, Robertson and …

  • Global Crises Global SolutionsGlobal Crises, Global Solutions
    Bjørn Lomborg

    Examines the ten most serious challenges facing the world, including climate change, malnutrition and hunger, and communicable diseases, and discusses policy options to address each situation.

  • The Future of Electricity DemandThe Future of Electricity Demand
    Tooraj Jamasb, Michael G. Pollitt

    This book is a comprehensive and analytical perspective on the future of electricity demand in a low-carbon world.

  • Starved for ScienceStarved for Science
    Robert Paarlberg

    In Starved for Science Paarlberg explains why poor African farmers are denied access to productive technologies, particularly genetically engineered seeds with improved resistance to insects and drought.

  • Resource EconomicsResource Economics
    Jon M. Conrad

    A text for students with a background in calculus and intermediate microeconomics and a familiarity with the spreadsheet software Excel.

  • Energy Economics A Modern IntroductionEnergy Economics: A Modern Introduction
    Ferdinand E. Banks

    This is a modern text and reference book on energy economics.

  • The Law and Economics of Contingent Protection in the WTOThe Law and Economics of Contingent Protection in the WTO
    Petros C. Mavroidis, Patrick A. Messerlin, Jasper M. Wauters

    This volume provides an excellent discussion and accessible analysis of WTO rules on contingent protection and the rapidly expanding case law.

  • European Energy Policies in a Changing EnvironmentEuropean Energy Policies in a Changing Environment
    Francis McGowan

    This book examines the evolution of energy policy in a number of European states, analysing the similarities and differences in approach across the Union.

  • Allocation in the European Emissions Trading SchemeAllocation in the European Emissions Trading Scheme
    A. Denny Ellerman, Barbara K. Buchner, Carlo Carraro

    The book comprises contributions from those responsible for putting the allocation into practice in ten representative member states and at the European Commission.

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