May 31

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  • TortugasTortugas
    Hartmut Wilke

    Guía práctica para elegir, conocer y cuidar tu tortuga, y disfrutar con ella

  • IguanasIguanas
    Harald Jes

    Guía práctica para elegir, conocer y cuidar tu iguana, y disfrutar con ella

  • Milksnakes and Tricolored KingsnakesMilksnakes and Tricolored Kingsnakes
    Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett

    This guide identifies tricolors along with milk snake varieties, and advises on their care.

  • Red eyed Treefrogs and Other Leaf FrogsRed-eyed Treefrogs and Other Leaf Frogs
    Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett

    Spectacularly colored, these Central American frogs thrive best in enclosures containing broad-leafed plants. Full details about care and maintenance are given in this book.

  • Designer Reptiles and AmphibiansDesigner Reptiles and Amphibians
    Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia Pope Bartlett

    Here is advice from experts that discusses both purchasing and selective breeding in detail. The book is filled with color photos that indicate the wide variety of colors and patterns that can be obtained.

  • ミナミニシキハコガメ

    ヌマガメの仲間の第42弾はニシキハコガメのレア亜種・ミナミニシキハコガメです!!(総合情報サイト「All About」に2009年12月28日に掲載された情報を書籍化しました)

  • ミズコブラモドキ

    変態ヘビの横綱登場!?お待たせしました!ミズコブラモドキです!(総合情報サイト「All About」に2010年04月24日に掲載された情報を書籍化しました)

  • Tartarughe terrestriTartarughe terrestri
    Marta Avanzi

    ePub: FL0726; PDF: FL1751

  • The Ball Python ManualThe Ball Python Manual
    Philippe De Vosjoli

    Written by a team of internationally respected herpetologists led by Philippe de Vosjoli, The Ball Python Manual is an authoritative introduction to this popular snake.

  • The Art Of Keeping SnakesThe Art Of Keeping Snakes
    Philippe De Vosjoli

    In The Art of Keeping Snakes, de Vosjoli pursues this concept and provides advice for snake keepers who wish to create beautiful displays for their snakes, putting the animals’ welfare and quality of life above all else and simultaneously …

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